Nairobi sex: Karumaindo.....Sabina joy experience

Whenever u mention the name Karumaindo.....what comes into ur mind? old big mamas and a dirty smoky place. well you might not be wrong thats the way it was in 1990s, now its a different story.

Today, the place is full of young beautiful ladies.....manze mpaka unameza mate.
By the way maybe u lost on what we talking about here. Karumaindo is next to ambassador hotel in Nairobi, but u wont find the name karumaindo... its written, sabina joy. or SJ and for ex-university of nairobi its called hall 14.

This is the place where i wrote my economics project from. Kama nashikashikwa dick na mamanze.

Two weeks ago, i decided to venture again to the place and jog my memories...memories are made of this....
Can i say she was hot, young blood???? n gosh how does a 21 yr old gal tingiza you like an experienced sugar mummy who has tasted about 200 dicks???

When i entered karumaindo, there were 3 gals along the second tier of stairs....they were drunk n were waiting for men there...they say ''sasa sweetie....'' n start by holding your hand and within no time wanakagua ur goods.dont be fooled, they not the best. head straight in........
As u enter, pass the entrance to main bar and go to the left to the along the way are ladies lined up. some good some not so good......As i turned to the urinal, as say this bitch...she was nice...dark, slim and sexy n she got nice dimples when she smiled....akasema ''sasa sweeties?..'' nikasema poa, mamboz....i held her by her waist n waaaaaaah...her hand was already holding my chuma......n caressing it....its a good feeling

''Si unibuy ie drink.." sawa.....we went in n sat down n got the order, she was taking black ice n i guiness kubwa. From the look of things, i was going to have a field day.....manze nikupapasa tu....mkono kwa thighs, boobs, rasa.....n men she was a good kisser. i could not wait more. i asked her ni pesa ngapi, then she gave me the kuma menu...

Short time........ksh 500-i pay the room, 1hr 300 bob
Tukienda kwake dadora, its 1,500
Tukienda kwangu 2,000 ...hii unalipa mapema anaachia mwingine.
bila cd 5,000 (nani anaweza kula malaya bila cd?)

men...kuma imepanda bei sana kama mafuta ama unga.

I chose part time...shoti moja, i knew with veve n guiness ningekaa 1hr bila kumwaga.... so we went upstairs to where the rooms were..... its a dimly lit staircase and as we made our way up my hand was up her mini skirt n i could feel the wetness......what am not sure about, is it was her juices or anather mans' but i had little if any care.........kisses where flowing all over.

When i paid the guy, i got the keys n its straight to biz, room mbio mbio n u start kissing her n umesimamisha kama shit.....caution, here, u dont remove your clothes, u just lower the trao. mmmmm mbio mbio, cd dani na yeye suruari anatoa haraka, men getting in is just slidding in.......but what u get there is mind blogging.

anakuchezea game..u dont last 1hr, i went for like 30 min.....saa hiyo nimesweat kaa shit.....i think i did cum in a was heavy n long n strong..............

wacha nimalizie kesho.....

but i was wondering these beasts who rape kids, why cant they pay for sex.......Three Aden....waaaaah wacha tu.stori ya siku ingine.....n by the way i will be adding those pictures, for gals n those brothels.